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Through out India, over the generations, many creative personalities have enriched lives by contributing to literary works and music. In this article, an attempt is made to document the efforts of some imaginative individuals like vaggeyakaras (music composers) from Andhra Pradesh.


A notable feature in Andhra Pradesh was the absence of patronage or support given by kings to individuals distinguished in the fine arts, which was common in other southern Indian states. The Tanjavur Maharajas in Tamil nad, Mysore Maharajas in Karnataka and the Royalty of Trivandrum in Kerala nurtured and nourished growth of fine arts. It is recorded that during the time of the musical Trinity, the Tanjavur royal court had 300 vidwans and vidushis. Despite the lack of royal patronage in Andhra, some support was given to the art forms by zamindars and other wealthy men.

Some of the past distinguished composers from this region were the Tallapaka .composers- the foremost being Annamacharya (1408- 1503?) among them. The other celebrated composers were Bhadrachala Ramadasa (1622-1680), Narayana Teertha (1675-1745 ?) and Kshetragna (17 th century).



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