Bhajan refers to any devotional song with religious theme or spiritual ideas, specifically among Indian religions, in any of the languages from the Indian subcontinent.The term bhajanam means reverence and originates from the root word bhaj means to revere, as in "bhaja govindam". The term "bhajana" also means sharing.

The term 'bhajan' is also commonly used to refer a group event, with one or more lead singers, accompanied with music, and sometimes dancing. Minimally there is a percussion accompaniment such as tabla, a dholak or tambourine. Handheld small cymbals (kartals) are commonly used to maintain the beat, rhythm. A bhajan may be sung in a temple, in a home, under a tree in the open, near a river bank or a place of historic significance.


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.People having an interest in devotional and sacred songs of God are heartily welcomed to Music Intuit. The teachers are generous, helpful and calm. They can give you every knowledge possible and share their experience with you. With them by your side, you can learn devotional songs and learn the way to sing them and soon be a master of them.




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