Classical guitar

The classical guitar or the classic guitar is the member of the guitar family which is used in classical music. An acoustic wooden string instrument with strings made of gut or nylon is a precursor of the modern acoustic and electric guitars both of which use metal strings. Classical guitar is a beautiful instrument to learn and is necessary if you want to pursue your career in Indian classical music. Music Intuit is the place that will provide you with ample opportunities and the perfect faculty to train you and teach you every bit off playing classical guitar.


Western guitar

Western guitar or the steel-string acoustic guitar is different from a classical guitar in that it is strung with steel strings. It is commonly played with either a pick or fingers. It is really difficult to learn to play the guitar unless you are taught and trained properly.


None.Knowledge of Music is added advantage.


Music Intuit provides you with the best teaching faculty and the opportunity to help you learn the skills of playing the guitar. It will help you to learn to play it within four classes and then require an extra class of 2 or 3 to master it.


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