Having stated the limitations of special children, the level of musical talent in these children is often very high. Music Intuit helps children with special needs to sight, read simple piano music, and then you can say, “Play it starting on this key,” and they are able to transpose the sight-reading into any key you want. Infact many “professional” musicians do not possess this skill.

This skill and many others are at a level far beyond what one might ever expect from “normal” kids. The difficulty is drawing it all into a workable program for the special needs of that individual child. You’ll find organizing all their genius is the hardest job. Musicintuit has skilled teachers who teaches special children and commit to finding a level of skill that the child can enjoy. At the piano,we make sure both of them are having a lot of fun.


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Musicintuit for Teachers

Now, you can have a great start of your musical career by teaching students in this platform. It will enrich you with experience and develop your skills.