Classical keyboard

A keyboard is a musical instrument that contains a row of levers that are pressed by fingers to play. The keyboard used in classical vocal music is known as a classical keyboard. One must remember all the keys and their sound to play a keyboard properly. Music Intuit gives u the best opportunity to get thorough training in keyboard playing by some of the best keyboard players on the board. The teachers are ready to share their knowledge, you have to just sign up with Music Intuit.

Western keyboard

The musical keyboard used in western vocal music is termed the Western keyboard. Music has a deep concentration on accompanying with left and right that is bass and treble clef. Playing a classical and western keyboard is nearly the same though their notations are different.



None. Age: 5+


Music Intuit provides the best training in playing the Western keyboard and some teachers are professionals and can build you up with the best possible knowledge in playing the Western keyboard.


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