Ootakaadu Ramayanam


Most of the songs from this opera remain unpublished and therefore are fairly unknown to the music fraternity. It seems to start with the song, Putra kaama yaagam sheidaare in Roopakam, which describes the religious sacrifice performed by Dasharatha in order to be blessed with children.

There are snatches of several other compositions which have been discovered from this opera such as Vande pirandaan (Bilahari) that describes the birth of Rama, Dasharathi kelum (Bhairavi) that describes the beauty of Siddhashramam, where Rama and Lakshmana accompany Sage Vishvamitra to protect his religious sacrifice, Kaana kidaittade koti karunaiyin where Shabari is elated about her experience when Rama visits her.

Akin to the single-piece wonder on Bhagavatam, Venkata Kavi has also composed a single masterpiece covering the entire Ramayana through a ragamalika composition, Shree raama jayame jayam, where his signature appears in the final charanam. This piece is a positive projection of the entire Ramayana in five ragams and composed in wonderfully lilting Tamil.



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