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Vocal, Instrumental and Dance

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Most Privileged Teachers.

Vasanthi Annamalai
Carnatic Vocal,
Carnatic Vocal,
Violin, Guitar, Flute,
Veena Arvind
Violin, Guitar, Keyboard,
Guitar, Keyboard,
Sai Prabhakar
Keyboard, Flute,

Exams & Certifications

Graded exams serve as 'the prescribed criteria' for providing a basic understanding to anlayze the progress of a music learner. It helps to test your abilities and scrutinize your skills systematically.

  • Akhila Bharathiya Gandharva University
  • Indian statewise Government Music Exams
  • Trinity College of London
  • London College of Music (LCM)
  • MedhaKshetra
  • Bridge Academy
  • Rock School
  • ABRSM, London

Our Students And Parents Feedback.

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"My daughter is a special child and autistic. I was hesitant about enrolling her in a music class due to this problem. When I shared my concerns about her speech delay with Founder, Vasanthi mam, I was amazed by her compassionate approach and her suggestion to try sloka classes and their potential benefits. She arranged for a senior, friendly, and incredibly patient teacher who made learning Sanskrit slokas effortless for my daughter.

Today, my daughter has made significant progress with her speech and even won the India Voice of the Year award in a singing competition. Also, Vasanthi mam presented my daughter " Best Student award 2023" and it made her feel very happy. I am immensely grateful to this academy and their exceptional teachers. Since joining in 2021, my daughter continues her music journey online and remains a student till today, thoroughly enjoying her experience. I extend my best wishes to Vasanthi mam and hope for great success for this academy's global growth".

- Sowmya (Bangalore)

"Music Intuit has been till now wonderful for our daughter, she is having online classes through them for vocal, keyboard and dance! We as parents loved the personal care from Vasanthi mam for our daughter in ensuring she really enjoys and learns from the classes. She passed her keyboard exams from London College of Music with distinction and we are super proud. My daughter continues to be a student still and is progressing towards working on albums . It was all possible because of Musicintuit and her wonderful keyboard teacher. We wish Music Intuit academy and Vasanthi mam reach further heights!"

-- Nandhini (India)

A big thanks to Shrimati ma’am for being our son’s first music teacher, firsts are always special. She has gone out of her way to get to know our son so that when he is learning music from her, he enjoys it completely.  She is a gifted singer but also highly skilled at teaching. The best part about her is she is open to suggestions and is so positive in her approach. Although the sessions are happening online, she has never made that a shortcoming. She has used the technology to stay connected all the times by sending recorded music pieces so that they can be a guide and reference to our son every time he practices. As a family, we are a big fan of her!!! The same goes for Musicintuit Academy, they are committed, highly receptive and deliver whatever promised on time. So a big thanks and I highly recommend Shrimati ma’am and Musicintuit Academy!



My daughter and son are proud students of Musicintuit Academy. We are from Gibraltar and Vasanthi mam was very instrumental in assigning the right teacher for my daughter and son.  My daughter is learning keyboard and she passed her keyboard exams from trinity college  of London with distinction.  I am super proud of this academy.

- Jyothika (Gibraltor)

I am very happy parent of Musicintuit academy. My son is taking keyboard class from this academy. Keyboard sir for my son is very talented and extremely knowledgeable teacher.  He ensures my son does his homework on time and practices well. Fees is affordable too and we as parents are very happy.

- Nitya (US)

Excellent online musicintuit academy and I am very proud to be part of  this academy as a student at the age of 72 years. Vasanthi mam was very helpful in finding me the right tutor who was too patient enough in teaching me harmonium. I wish Vasanthi mam, lady entrepreneur all the best.

- Samjotha (Delhi)

My daughter is learning advanced level of Carnatic vocal from this academy. As parents we are super happy to see my daughter sing so professionally. Teacher ensures that even the minute mistakes are corrected. I highly recommend this academy. I wish Vasanthi mam all the best for her academy to grow higher and higher.

- Ananya (Tamilnadu)

I am Devanand. I am learning Carnatic vocal from past 2 years with musicintuit academy. It is one of the best music academies I must say. The founder of this academy Mrs.Vasanthi Annamalai assigned the right teacher based on my capabilities and today this knowledge of music has helped me to give many orchestra’s by finetuning my skills. I highly recommend this academy and will continue my journey for many years.

- Devanand (Tamil nadu)

My daughter and son are proud students of Musicintuit Academy. We are from Gibraltar and Vasanthi mam was very instrumental in assigning the right teacher for my daughter and son.  My daughter is learning keyboard and she passed her keyboard exams from trinity college  of London with distinction.  I am super proud of this academy.

- Jyothika (Gibraltor)

I am Balaji from Bangalore. My son is taking keyboard classes from Musicintuit academy. Excellent teachers this academy has. They give personal care for each and every student. I am happy to be part of it. I wish Vasanthi all the best.

- Balaji (Bangalore)

I live in US. I was searching for online piano classes from India.  I approached the founder of this academy and Vasanthi mam addressed me so politely and answered all the queries so politely and made us feel very comfortable. I am very happy that I have found the best academy for my child. All the best for this academy.

- Deepa (UK)

I am very happy about my son learning with Musicintuit.  He is learning paino and teacher is very professional and co-opeartive. He tracks assignments and send all the recordings. Classes are compensated too when missed. I am very happy to be part of musicintuit.

- Murali (US)

Teacher vasanthi  from Musicintuit provides strong encouragement and tailors her teaching pace and song choices to match the children's learning speeds. Additionally, she possesses substantial expertise in Carnatic music. I would refer musicintuit to as many as possible.

-- Iyarkai (UK)

My kid is taking piano classes from abroad and we are very happy to be part of musicintuit academy. Founder of this academy Vasanthi Annamalai, has done a phenomenal job in establishment of this academy and providing various courses online.

- Sreemathi (Australia)


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