Teacher Gowthami

Specialities: Kuchipudi,

About Teacher.

Gowthami a young Kuchipudi dancer has been learning dance from the age of 5. She was trained under the tutelage of Guru Patnam shivaprasad. While having a strong foundation in Dance she also performs bollywood and folk music dance. Her style spans across genres and languages. As a dedicated music teacher, Gowthami trains students to have a broad and diversified understanding of music. She is a all-round music instructor with a passion for inspiring students and preparing them to the performance level and teaches basics completely to get perfection in their dance and classes only for one at a time

Qualification in Music:
Diploma in Kuchipudi

Year of Experience:
13 years a

Awards and Titles:
Natyamayuri Award,Anantha Animutya award

Guru/Teacher Name:
Patnam shivaprasad

Member of Organization:


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