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Specialities: Carnatic Vocal, Special Need Course,

About Teacher.

Mr. Aditya aged 28 years who is 5% Autistic but possesses an exceptional talent in the field of Carnatic Music. 

Aditya Mohan was once described as "Amazing Aditya" by Sangeet Samrat Chitravina Sri Ravikiran. His music career started at the age of 3 and is continuing for about 20 years now. He adopts an unique method of repeating the verses in the same manner as the Vedas are recited. Since 2004, under the tutelage of Sri Ravikiran, Aditya has been following Carnatic Music with single-minded devotion.  His repertoire includes Varnams, Keerthanams, Swarajathis, Padams and many major compositions in various languages.

He can identify and sing in all the 72 Melakarthas at ease with spontaneous Kalpana Swarams which is quite rare.
Aditya Mohan has given over 200 vocal concerts so far. He has also given a concert before the great Kanchi Acharya for one and half hours while he was 11 years old. He is recipient of various awards like "Young Achiever's award 2005” from Sornammal Education Trust and owns "Yuva kala Bharathy award". He also has won "Sahitya kala Parishad Scholarship" for two years. With all these accolades Aditya continues with his research on music.

Qualification in Music:
Certified in Carnatic Music and has given more than 200 Concerts

Year of Experience:

Awards and Titles:
Irai Arul Isai Chelvan, Young Achiever award by Sornammal Trust, Yuvakala Bharati

Guru/Teacher Name:
Chitra Vina Ravikiran and Chitra Vina Ganesh


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