Teacher Adithya

Specialities: Tabla, Pakhawaj,

About Teacher.

Shri. ADITYA  is an accomplished Pakhawaj player from Varanasi. He received rigorous training under the able guidance of the Pakhawaj maestro Pt. Shrikant Mishra. He has been performing with the eminent Dhrupad artists Pt. Ritwik Sanyal, Gundecha Brothers, Pt. Premkumar Mallik, Pt. Pushparaj Koshti, Ustad Bahauddin Dagar, Pt.Uday Bhawalkar, Pt. Sukhadev Chaturvedi, Pt. Ravindra Narayan Goswami, Gianni Ricchizzi (Ganga) and many others. Aditya has excellency in accompaniment and has equal proficiency in solo performance of Pakhawaj. He has been performing in a number of Taal-Vadya–Kacheris, Pakhawaj duets and has accompanied with dance.

Aditya is qualified with the advanced techniques of Tabla from the eminent masters of the Banaras Hindu University, Faculty of Performing Arts Varanasi and has a Master degree in music from BHU.

He has also occompanied Pandit Ravi Shankar with the pakawaj instrument. He has been imparting the knowledge of Pakhawaj to several talented Indian students as well as the students from abroad viz. Japan, Spain, France, Switzerland, Argentina etc.

Qualification in Music:
Sangeet Prabhakar in Tabla and Pakhawaj from PSS, Allahabad

Year of Experience:

Awards and Titles:
➢ Sur Ganga 2017 - The Biggest Music Festival of the World organized by UNESCO


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